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Hello everybody,

As you can see for sure, our wall is now, but still 2500 € of the bill are open, which we have to settle soon.

Take a look in our new shop, there we put the craft items, which makes Regina in laborious manual labor.

You're sure to ask, "... when does she do that? .. she has enough to do with the animals ..." I'll betray you ... in the evening ... when all the work is done, go to crafts.

It does really great things, the proceeds of course only benefit the animals, in which case it is intended for the bill of the wall.

You will surely find something nice.

How about with a Madat keychain made of shrink film? :-)

Just have a look



It is done, the wall is standing !! Without your help, we would never have made it.

However, there are still about 3000 € of 10 000 € open..yes, that was the price ..
sorry .. Many thanks to all donors and helpers!

Regina had a visit from 2 lovely people from Germany. Jill and Timo adopted our Bruno last year. Unfortunately, after a couple of months they had to realize that Bruno is running badly and the Vet made the frightening Diangnose: heavy hip dysplasia on both sides. And that not even 1 year. But Jill and Timo have spared no expense and effort and went with Bruno to Heinsberg and let him operate. Now he's in top shape again, but of course he still has to do physio. But everything else in the green area. We will never forget that. And...

Bruno has a great home

Jill and Timo have brought Regina a donation for the Wall. Also, of course, thank you very much. We can do that very well.

Nice that there are such great animal loving people !

Many thanks to Don Perro for helping us with the veterinary costs.

Our Luna got her chip and the EU passport today, she travels to her new To Hasue.

You guys are great :-)


The first part is done. The first 2 Meters are done . 1000 thanks again for all your help, without u all it will not be possible.

Of course, we would be happy if the rest could be done with your help, because there is still a larger amount open, which we can not manage on our own.


Stone on stone, the wall must be put on by hand. Heavy work for the boys ...

Hello animal lovers,

Thanks to your energetic support and donations, we were able to start building the wall today. Of course, we do not have enough together yet, so do not let it stop you donating.

We are now obstructing what has come in money.

Many thanks to all donors, helpers and construction workers, also in the name of the animals

Without you we would be lost

Thank you thank you thank you

We are still struggling to get the amount of 5000 € together.

On the next page you can donate for Madat, because the wall has to be built quickly, the next rain is already announced, and it could slip even more wall.

every euro counts

Thank you in advance in the name of the animals


Update: In the meantime the costs have risen to 5000 €. It's a giant hole

about 25 x5 meters only the wall. Then everything has to be removed about 2m deep.

It must be built a stable retaining wall, with pedestal, rods and fence and about 400 bricks. How are we going to do it all ..

Today the excavator came and began to remove the debris.

03/11/2018Update: So the cost of rebuilding the wall is also 3000 €, we can not handle that. We urgently need help !!!!! Likewise building material, cement, stones, iron. We take what we can get. First, the debris has gone. Helping hands would of course be great as well. You will find out more about Regina.


The clicks of visitors (2628 since mid-January) in euros and we would be saved !!!


Dear friend,

Tonight there was a big bang and the result can be seen in the photos. The Messie dogs had huge luck, their hut is gone and they were still standing on a narrow strip and probably had a fear of hell, just like Regina around their charges.

The rainwater has washed everything away and pushed it away. One should not underestimate nature.

We urgently need help !!!!!!

Regina and the animals are fine and no one was injured. The problem is that the dogs can not run anymore as long as everything is open. It must be done so quickly again a fence, which hopefully endures the next downpour. And with fast I mean yesterday already :-(

No matter in what form you can help, call Regina, who can give you the current status.



Katy, my little princess. More than 5 years she was allowed to drone at my side. she was on the list at the time and I could not allow that to happen.
now she is allowed to live her life of kings over the rainbow bridge. I will miss her very much.


Last week, 5 adorable little puppies arrived in the shelter and needed help asap. As we are waiting for formal approval and paperwork-stuff for the dog-kennels (, we started with a small seperate project that is easy and quick to finish: re-build the puppy house.


We were forced to move from our old location, but as we had set up a garden shed as a puppy house there, we broke it down and took it with us.


With the help of locals and friends, we arranged for steady foundations (!) and re-built the puppy house. So, now, the little ones *almost* have a safe place to stay: We just need the roof and the floor (-tiles) to be installed.

We hope that the efforts that we are doing (with the puppy house, the awareness and the fundraising) will help convince the Tenerife government that MAdAT definitely is worth saving.

Thank you all for your warm thoughts and support!


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