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Last summer, we had to move to a new finca in Chimiche.


Quite a challenge, as the location was big and secluded, but there was NOTHING there, except an old house and lots of pebbles and sand.



Thanks to donations and the help of friends, we were able to start with the first construction in june 2015 : the cathouse.


First, the foundations and the floor..



We installed cat enclosures for the ones that need to be separated, and continued on the walls and the roof. 

With a BIG THANK YOU to Theresa and Richard for the help!



The cats are delighted about their new area and they can now choose to be relaxing inside or to go outside to play (being separated from the dog area).




As we had no budget to build dog-kennels, we were very happy to get donated materials and lots of workers to also provide a new place for the dogs.


It's only temporarily, but this was all that was possible within the time-frame we had to move all the animals (sept 2015).


The dogs are quite happy though, as they now have a lot more space in the individual enclosures and also have a nice big space to run around and play.



Our next step is to build big and qualitative dog enclosures.

As soon as we had some budget, we planned to make them, bit by bit.


Unfortunately because of a government inspection, we have to take action NOW.

We need to build new dogshelters according to a strict regulation, and we need to do it within 6 months, or we face being shut down entirely..


This is why we currently have a fundraising activity going on, to help get the money together. Please take a look at www.gofundme.com/MadatTenerife.


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