Information on becoming a sponsor for a cat/dog
Sponsoring a dog or cat is helping the animal. You can start each sponsorship whenever you want. It is completely under your control and when you decide to make a change, you can.


If your sponsored animal was to be adopted or should die, your sponsorship is immediately terminated. In that case we will contact you to inform you and will ask if you wish to transfer your sponsorship to another animal. If you require more information regarding an individual cat or dog, please contact Regina via email – regina@yahoo.es


The monthly sponsorship fee for a cat is €20, and for a dog €30. The sponsorship form is available as a PDF download file. Please return this form to us either via email, post or fax. If for one reason or another you are unable to download this file then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Animal Flight Escort


information on becoming a flight escort

Each animal, for which we have found a new home outside of Tenerife, has to be flown out. To be able to do this, we rely on people to escort the animal on the return flight.

For you, the animal escort, there are no extra costs involved whatsoever, just your time.

If you wish to become an Animal Flight Escort, please send us an email or you can call us. The name of the contact person can be found on the home page under “Contact”.


Why become a flight escort?

  • These animals have no or only a very small chance of being adopted here on the island.
  • Some animals have found their new home and the owners are awaiting their arrival.

Those animals cannot fly unaccompanied.



What information is needed?

  • Destination airport (return flight)
  • Return date
  • Flight number / Airline
  • Reservation number
  • Number of people willing to escort animals
  • Name
  • Would you like to take an animal in cargo hold and/or as hand-luggage?


We treat all your information with the utmost confidentiality. We will inform you if we are not in need of a flight godfather and pass on your details to other associations, in order for them to contact you. Thus some other animal may have the possibility of travelling to its new home

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