According to the legend of the Rainbow Bridge, our angels walk on four paws (and any other creature we loved) over the rainbow after they say goodbye to us with one last sigh. On the other side of this bridge, they find meadows and hills where they can frolic and play with each other carefree. According to this legend, there is enough space, food, water and sunshine on the other side of the rainbow bridge, and our friends feel well. In addition, all animals that were sick and old, injured or mutilated, are healthy and happy again.

According to this beautiful legend, our engaged friends are happy and satisfied there, except for a trifle. They all miss their Partmer, the human they had to leave behind on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. They run and play together, but the day comes when the animal pauses and looks attentively into the distance with its bright eyes.

The reunion of our souls

Tense, it trembles all over. Suddenly it starts to run away from the group, flying over the green grass. He sees his on the bridge and runs to meet him. Legend has it that man can cross the rainbow bridge and meet his best friend there, never to part with him again.

Happy kisses then rain on our face and our hands caress our beloved angel on four paws again, our darling. The story says that from this point on we are forever united by a mutual look of love and good nature.






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