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We have just under 30 dogs in our care. We have very big and nice dogshelters for them, where there is room to run around, lay in the sun, play with pillows or blankets, or hide from the occasional rain. Fed and cuddled twice a day, they are happy and content. 


Due to a limited number of cages, some dogs share their environment, but we always make sure they get along well and which ones like to be friends. A doggie companion can help new and shy occupants to settle in. 

These 3 girls are looking for a home:

They are 3 months old, mom is a Presa Canario and daddy a Podenco
As you can see, it is compatible with cats
further information will follow

Update 30.09.2018

these two treasures are left over from the december puppies


he is now  about 10 months and still not castrated



also about 10 months

5 x black cat ... uh ... of course dog

it really is only 5..3 girls and 2 boy. They were born in February and are now looking for a home. Marie, Sophie, Maya, Freddy and Harry


Now the ladies and gentlemen are already 1 year old and no one is interested in big black dogs, but it's still lap dogs :-) To get Maya on the picture is difficult, but basically it looks the same



she is the mum of the black puppies and also looking for a foreverhome

Update 22.02 2018 Fred and Frieda


As you can see, the two have grown quite nicely since December and should now be about 4 -5 months old.

They will get a vaccine now and then they would be ready for the big wide world.



They are about 2.5 - 3 months and puppy typical playful. They do not get very big because Mama is a pinscher mix. Frieda has a bit of pepper in the butt while your brother Fred is a bit more reserved (you can see that in the video)


Bobby the  chain dog


I was already on the chain in my young life and it was so short that I could not even lie down properly. For food, I was always only soup, no real food and beaten me too. I should probably live my life until the end of my life. And that would not have been very long if Regina had not taken me there.

At the first examination, the vet immediately noticed that I have heartworms and had to stay with him for 4 weeks until I feel better. A dear donor has paid for this treatment, because they are very expensive and an aftercare is still on.

Now I'm finally at Madat and Regina lovingly cares for me. I have yet to learn everything, how to drink properly, and eat and the pats I am still very timid. I was beaten and I'm still a bit anxious and have a crooked gait, because I still can not believe that there are also nice people who do not force me to anything and let me just be a dog, even if I still have a lot of learning.

I did not even know how a normal dog behaves and that you can also lift his leg to pee. For 2 weeks I can do it now, like a real dog. My shaggy coat grows out now and I get a nice chocolate brown.

I also have a girlfriend, her name is Mona and I think she's great. She is now in an enclosure with me and we understand and great. I think she likes me too.

I am about 1.5 years old and still uncastrated. We also have to wait a bit because of the heartworms. I should also stay here a bit until I'm fit enough to be able to give myself to a new loving home. I'm a big guy and for me it would be a house with a lot of land, of course NOT a chain, because the best part is where I can play and run.

Until the real owner has found ME, I am allowed to stay with Madat and be nursed here

Madat keeps you informed about me



Female, born 08.2014


Sister to Bruno,Tommi and Wilma



Leoni was found together with her seblings on a desterted parking lot. She was lucky to have been found by a friend who contacted us. We had to catch them as they were quite shy. Leoni was the only one who has a dark brown color, while all the others are beige. All ciblings have short tails. They are all lively loveable dogs that like to play. They are shy at first but that disappears quickly.


all have short tails, presumably coupbled by the owner, because they thought you could earn money with them as list dogs. Well, when they did not look like a list dog, they just dumped them in this parking lot.


Male, born Aug.08.2014


Brother of Wilma, Leoni and Tommi

Bruno was suspended with his siblings at a somewhat abandoned parking lot. It was a coincidence that a friend found her. we had to catch them, because they were all very shy. Bruno is the quietest and tallest in the pack, but they are all lively, loving dogs that romp and play a lot. They are rather shy at first, but that comes to a stop after a while



Male, Born 08.08.2014


Brother to Bruno,Wilma und Leoni


Tommi got left behind in a parking lot, together with his brothers and sister. By coincidence, they were found by a friend and brought to us. They were very frightened and stuck closely together in their first few weeks. Tommi is the captain of their pack, while he was the most outgoing puppy. They are all very loving dogs that like to play and run. As it happens a lot, they are shy at the beginning, but as soon as they get to know you, they open up. They all have short tails, they were born like this, and is linked to their mixed breed background



Female, neutered, born 15.02.2014

small Strassenmix


A small, very nice girl, who was a little bith withdrawn in the beginning. She was found on the street, left alone at 3 months old. There were 7 puppies in total, and 3 of them were taken in here. Bonny was the most shy, but growing up, she has transformed into a very cuddly and loving animal, who loves belly rubs and likes to lay down close to you. 



Female, neutered, born 07.07.2014


Sister to Canelo


Nena and her brother Canelo are two small dogs, and unfortunately quite shy. They are loving and social, and playful with the other dogs. They were brought in together with their mother, who was pregnant and throwh over our neigbour's wall. She had the 3 puppies in an abandoned building, and were brought to us when they were six weeks old. The mother and brother have already blended in a bit better as they were a little less shy.



Male, born 07.07.2014


Brother to Nena


Canelo and his sister Nena are two small dogs who are rather shy. They are nice and social, and like to play with the other dogs.They came here together with their mother who was thrown over a neigbour's wall when she was pregnant. After having 3 puppies in an abandoned buidling, they were brought to our shelter and have been blending in quite nicely since then. 



Girl, neutered, born 01.01.2011



Very cuddly and people oriented, lovely midsized lady dog. She was brought to us from the Killing House and had trouble with her leg. We have helped her with a surgery that inserted a metal plate into her leg, but she couldn't walk on it at the time. Now the plate has been removed and she can stand on it, and it doesn't hurt anymore, but she still has a little limp. It does not bother her at all when playing our running around with the rest of the pack. 



Female, neutered, 01.06.2008



A very cuddly loving dog. Her hunter-owner wanted to get rid of her because she was to loving and nice and this was not good enough to hunt. She has only known life on a chain and now the life in a shelter. She is getting a little older but is still very fit and lively and is actually just looking for a soft sofa in a nice house to spend her days :)

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